Indonesia, Bali: The Perfect Destination

If there is one destination that should be placed on the top of your traveling destination list, it’s Indonesia Bali. The small island which is also known as the Island of the Gods is truly an icon for Indonesian tourism. Very few places in this world have enough enchanting beauty and lively atmosphere to appeal to first-timers and frequent travellers alike, Bali is one of them – it simply has something for every type of traveller known to man. The island may be widely known as an island of monasteries, historical landmarks, and majestic temples to most people, but it does not make it a boring place – quite the contrary, Bali is as versatile as a traveling destination can ever be since your trip to Bali can be tailored just how you want it to be. Keep reading to find out what makes Indonesia Bali one of the greatest destinations on earth.

Your Indonesia Bali trip can be filled with numerous visits to its infamous temples such as Tanah Lot – the ancient, yet incredible beautiful temple perched atop an outcrop overlooking the ocean. The picturesque Ulun Danu Beratan temple which is situated on the side of Beratan Lake, its floating illusion during high tide is nothing short of breathtaking. Or the astounding, and grand complex of Besakih temple which is located on the Mount Agung’s south western slopes.

Fancy for a more lively Indonesia Bali getaway filled with parties and various fun activities? Bali has you covered! If crowd and great nightlife is your thing, Kuta, Seminyak and Legian are heavenly. You may take a stroll exploring the areas, do some shopping, go on a fun activities at the beach – from surfing, banana boating, to parasailing – then pamper yourself in one of many massage and spa places scattered around all the aforementioned areas to prepare yourselves for the long, yet fun night ahead. Yes, Bali is not only a place full of historical landmarks and incredible beauty, it is also the most perfect place for watching sunset from unique, yet exceptional beach bars. It doesn’t matter whether you go out to unwind from your long, fun-filled day, or you are there to party the night away – once the sun has set, it’s party time in Bali. All you have to do is pick the place and the type of activity you would like to do, because in Indonesia Bali, you are never at a loss of what to do.